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We have people available throughout the United States. We also handle work throughout the world. Our extensive Internet services allow us to provide many services remotely vastly reducing travel and shipping costs.
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Sam Martin, PE, CVS-life.

Sam is the principal of Systematic Innovations. He is well known Certified Value Specialist (CVS-life) and is a Professional Engineer (PE). He operated and assisted in operating a major Value Method program for many years. Before Sam received his CVS, he managed and provided oversight for many engineering projects ranging in cost from $100,000 to $150,000,000. Sam initially began the business practice in April 1973, and has a large amount of experience in both the private and government sector.

Sam has trained thousands of people, facilitated hundreds of value studies, and generated Value Method Program standards for several private firms and Federal agencies. Among his many Value Method activities, he has written numerous books, papers, program guidance, and other documents.

In business as CAMI since 1981, Sam formed Systematic Analytic Methods and Innovations (SAMI) in 1995 in an effort to generate greater benefits for more companies and individuals. The firm was renamed SAMI VE LLC in 2001.


Systematic Innovations has affiliates and associates located throughout the United States. If you are looking for a local person to assist you, please contact us. We probably have someone available that is located near you.

Due to popular requests, here is a local link to some of the recent papers written by Sam or others regarding our work.

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