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Selected Federal Laws, Directives, and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR's)

Establishing a Government Value Program.

SAMI has a lot of expertise in the Value Method field and provides many services associated with establishing an effective Value Program. Some of our people have up to 25-years experience in operating and generating Value Programs that meet agency missions and other requirements. With our experience and expertise, we can help agencies establish a Value Program that meets regulatory and legal requirements. We can do this through training, consultation services, or more direct support.

Generating Contractor Profits and Contracting Officer Activities Resulting From FAR Clauses (or similar clauses).

FAR clauses are intended to benefit both the group issuing the contract and contractor. Unfortunately, it is often underused or applied in a way that doesn't benefit either party. Often, lack of expertise in how to create the proposal, or lack of understanding in how to encourage, monitor, review, and accept (or reject) the proposal, is the cause. SAMI can help ensure both groups benefit as intended by the VE Incentive Clause.

If you have a contract with a Federal agency or other group that uses FAR-like clauses, we can help your business identify, submit, and obtain approval of concepts that created profit both your business, and saves money for the group you have your contract with, through use of the VECP clause. We have the expertise needed to help contractors obtain greater profits than they originally expected to receive through their contract. Both direct assistance and training are available.

Contracting Officers and their Representatives. Contracting officers and their representatives are involved in contracts that often have many required activities. It is often difficult to devote the time necessary to fully encourage, monitor, and review the VECP portion of their contracts so their organization can benefit from the intent of the VE Incentive Clause. SAMI has this specialized expertise and can provide both training and assistance services for the Contracting Offer and their representatives.

Laws and Regulations

The following links are provided to assist Federal staff and contractors involved in Federal contracts. From this link site, examine a few of the legislation, directives, and regulations that may affect you.

  1. PL 104-106, Law Requiring Agencies Establish Value Programs (excerpt only, actual law is very broad and lengthy)
  2. Office of Management and Budget, Circular A-131, Directive for Establishing, Responsibilities, Goals, and Reporting in Value Program (OMB site page)
  3. Federal Acquisition Regulation 48, Value Engineering, VE Incentive Clause FAR 48.000
  4. Federal Acquisition Regulation 52.248, Value Engineering (VE) Incentive Clauses FAR 52.248-1.


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