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Few of use are trained to make decisions. Most of us learn as we go. Even the best executives and business rarely have attended a training program in decision-making. Unfortunately, this lack of training in our schools and businesses cost us. SAMI VE LLC performs and will also train people in decision-processes and helps businesses and organizations profit through better decisions and consultation services.

We want your business and organization to profit. We are strong believers in the win-win philosophy. That is why we stress our training. We find that the more our clients apply the Value Method and our decision-making process enhancements, the more they'll profit. We could hold the knowledge close and insist that consulting services are the only way we will share. But we don't want to be keepers of the "treasures in the ivory tower." Sharing means our customers can obtain the benefits more readily.

However, its up to you. If your business is small or limitations are such that developing the expertise is not an option, we also provide consultation services only. But before we can act, you have to contact us.

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